Thursday, May 29, 2008

A 9 month journey in "My second skin"

So here I am... pregnant with my second child, a baby girl! ~And I couldn't be more excited!
My life is changing right before my very eyes. Emotionally, spiritually, mentally, and last but not least- *my favorite*... physically!!

My story goes back 2 1/2 years ago, when I was pregnant with my first, my son Anthony.

Now, among the obvious aches, pains, and difficulties that pregnancy brings, one that really got me down was my ever-changing figure, and how to manage it before finally giving in to maternity clothing. (Jeans in particular!)

During my first month of my pregnancy, *I'll call this the "bloated" stage! :-), I was having a hard time feeling comfortable in my own skin. I truly felt like I was PMSing for a very extended amount of time, and I was not liking the "Muffin top" that all my jeans were giving me!

It was wayyy too early to go shopping for maternity, so I figured I'd explore my options.
I still wanted to feel sexy while wearing the comfy denim material I've always enjoyed. So I went out hunting for pair of stretch jeans! At this time, Brazilian style stretch jeans where really getting popular, and all the girls who were wearing them looked great, no matter what body type!

After an all day affair, I finally found the perfect pair for me! A light blue stretch denim, with a few diamond rhinestones on each back pocket. Simple, sexy, and cute! A definite boost for my self esteem at that time! And I rocked those jeans like they were going out of style!

From that day forward, I considered these jeans "my second skin"! I couldn't believe it! Forget maternity jeans, these were great! I've always loved stretchy jeans, and these had become my favorite! They looked great with any top or shoes I paired them with! It was a dream come true!
I thought to myself "My butt still looks great, and my belly has plenty of room to grow!" And it was absolutely true!

I wore these jeans as often as possible, quite far into my pregnancy! They fit like a glove! The stretch material allowed me to move the waist of the jeans a little lower as needed to house my very rounding belly, along with my very rounding bum! =)
It was really hard to find similar styles that accommodated my "baby bump", and nothing else looked, or felt the same.

I felt sexy and maternal at the same time! The ability to wear your favorite jeans while growing another life inside of you, it's getting the best of both worlds!~ :-)

So after my son was born, you bet those were the jeans I was wearing while making trips to the store for formula and diapers, doctor's appointments, and everywhere in between.

Eventually I decided to let my jeans rest awhile, and I had found similar styles of jeans that I've worn while trying to be a Sexy and Groovy Mamacita!! They were my favorites, and it was best if I found a different pair that I wouldn't mind having baby puke on every now and then. :-)

So low and behold, over 2 years later, and I am now pregnant with my second!

Can you guess which jeans I'm wearing?! :-)

Pregnancy is a very humbling journey, filled with many ups and downs, and self esteem is very important when your emotions are all over the place. It's important to find something that makes you feel good, and stick with it! *in my case, it definitely was my jeans* :-)

It would be my pleasure to shop on with my daughter Elena, because every girl deserves to feel sexy and comfortable in her own skin, with the help from a GREAT pair of jeans!!! And has so much to offer, I'm shedding my second skin, and I'm off to find my new favorites!

~Thank you for allowing me to share my story~!

With love,


***I love my GroovyJeans!!!***